Change major to CS from SE at Waterloo before sending application.

I made a mistake of applying to UWaterloo with an intended major of Software Engineering. Firstly, because I’m more into programming and maths and not much into Physics. Secondly, I realised that the fees for SE for international students is a HELL lot more than that for CS. So I really want to change my major to CS before sending my application. Is it possible to do so?

Yes,Ofcourse bro!
Im from india…being a 105f applicant…i firstly made my ouac choices as UW CS,UW Aviation(Aleast to get into UW if not cs),McMaster CS(as safe sided one)…Later after getting both CS and Aviation conditional admit offers,i got a confidence tht i will be accepted to other programmes at uW…Then i simply deleted both the McMaster CS(which i dont actually want to go spending lot of money for no worth.) and Aviation(due to high flight training fees) …and added CS/BBA dD and SE as second and 3rd ouac choices…And now i got into CS, CS/BBA DD,I am waiting for SE offer (wont join due to high tution fees but just for satisfaction)…How ever i wasted the Suppliementary fees for McMaster(85c$) gone waste…but UW /…i got in thats enough…!!!