Change major

<p>I applied to Missouri and was accepted, but since Missouri would not let me apply undeclared i chose a journalism major. I was put in the arts and science college. I now realize that i want to major in buisness so my question is if i accept admission am i stuck in the college of arts and science? Would i be able change to the college of buisness?</p>


<p>Yes. If you enroll, you will have several chances before registration to change your intended major. You may be able to do it in you myZou account that was assigned to you when you were accepted. The important thing is change it before you select your residence hall--especially if you want to live in a Freshman Interest Group with other business majors. If you don't want to be in a FIG, be sure to indicate your major change when you register for Summer Welcome because your SW group and advising sessions will be organized by major.</p>