Change Major

Hey guys,
I just got admitted to Bucknell’s College of Arts and Sciences with Computer Science as an intended major. However, I would like to keep my options open between CS and CS and Engineering because I am also interested in Engineering. I heard that it is very difficult for students from the College of Arts and Sciences to transfer to the College of Engineering, so I was wondering if it is possible for me to change my major to CS and Engineering as a CS student.
Additionally, I would like to hear some reviews about the CS department at Bucknell and its degree perspective (value of the degree, job and grad school opportunities, etc).

Congratulations on being accepted. IMO Bucknell is a very good liberal arts college with some good engineering and biology majors. Their CS department is relatively small (like 15 grads per year). Given that CS grads are in high demand you should be able to find a good job upon graduation. Recruitment on campus will be limited because of the size of the school and program verses other colleges. They don’t offer a masters in CS or any PHDs so you will be going to grad school elsewhere if that is your plan.

Hello BagODonuts,
Thank you for your information! Oh, and is it possible to change my major from CS to CS & Engineering at Bucknell? I heard that it is very difficult for students from the College of Arts and Sciences to transfer to the College of Engineering.

I have no insight how hard it is to change colleges at Bucknell. If you search their website in the FAQ section it says: If you wish to change your curriculum before coming to campus, you must submit a written request to the Admissions Office. After enrollment, special forms are available in the Office of the Registrar.

IMO the difference between the two programs would be minor at the undergrad level therefore you should be able to change or effectively explore engineering with electives.

Congrats on what I assume is your binding Early Decision I acceptance! My S is currently a sophomore and did ED1. for Arts & Sciences and loves it.

Keep in mind, you have been admitted to the College of Arts & Sciences, you have not been admitted to the college of Engineering to which you did not apply. In Arts & Sciences the major is “Computer Science”. The major in Engineering is “Computer Science & Engineering”. You would need to confirm with the university, but I do not see anything written about double majoring in an area outside of one’s college.
When you say “I’m also interested in Engineering” I am hearing you are curious, but not committed enough to have applied for that program of study. From what I have read, students are not encouraged to enter Arts & Sciences with the intention of transferring to Engineering or Management. My advice is to begin the course of study in the college that admitted you and to which you are bound by Early Decision, and plan to take the course “Exploring Engineering” (ENGR 100) which is open to all students. Because it would be a shame to make a lot of plans and changes to find out that you really don’t like engineering after all. Also keep in mind that A&S students do not formally declare a major until the 4th semester - you could discover your interests and strengths are a totally different area. Good luck!!

On my tour the guide said that some students do double major in different colleges.

I would contact admissions and ask if your acceptance can be switched to engineering.