Change majors AFTER being accepted through TAG

I’m considering applying for TAG for fall 2021 at UCSC instead of 2022 under biology. Once I’m accepted and am attending UCSC I want to try and switch my major to biochemistry and molecular biology. Is this possible? Will this void my transfer agreement? Do I have no chance of being accepted for the major change?

TAG doesn’t not accept classes taken the summer before transfer, and the only requirement I would not meet is calc 3. I would be taking that class during the summer anyway and would be meet the requirements for the biochem major once attending UCSC.

If the answer’s not listed on the UCSC TAG website, you can always call the admissions office and ask: that’s why they’re there!

UCSC TAG: describes changing into the biochemistry major after enrolling at UCSC (including for those entering as junior transfers).

Once you are enrolled and attending your TAG agreement no longer matters. You are a UCSC student and can do anything any other UCSC junior can do, including changing your major provided there are no conditions in the major you want that says a xfer student must have been accepted into the UC with that major (UCLA, for example, has this clause on majors such as Econ)