Change my major after applying (UC Berkeley)

<p>Has anyone done this with any luck or heard afformentioned stories of others doing this?</p>

<p>They have an address and fax number on their FAQ where you can request a major change, has anyone done this with success?</p>

<p>I just sent my fax in about an hour ago and I just got an email from Berkeley but I'm not sure if the email was a coincidence. The email was just one of those general 'update your grades emails'. </p>

<p>I am changing from Haas to an Econ major btw!</p>

<p>im fairly certain, that they wont let you change majors when it comes to jumping from one school to another, but good luck!</p>

<p>Yeah I got a "Thanks for applying to UC Berkeley" email as well, so go figure.
I'm fairly optimistic, especially after receiving that email, considering I received a similar email earlier already. And in the FAQ it says that you can switch schools if the administration allows it.</p>

<p>But we'll see, one more question, the essay question is only required for Haas applicants correct? I'm fairly certain I'm filling out the Haas student update.</p>

<p>yup thats only for Haas students.</p>

<p>Bumping this, looking for another opinion if anyone has one, Thanks!</p>