Change of schedule from what was put on the Common App

So, I applied for my top choice university in September and received an acceptance decision in early December. When I applied (using CommonApp), it asked me for the classes I was currently enrolled in for the year. I was enrolled in six classes, four of which were one semester dual-enrollment college courses and two of which were honors High School classes. I did not know what classes I’d be taking in the Spring, so for my Spring Semester only the two High School honors courses are listed.

However, I scheduled for and started taking my Spring semester classes after receiving my acceptance letter. I am currently taking four very advanced college courses and one high school course instead of two high school courses. However, the one high school course I am now taking I decided to make regular instead of honors so that I could focus on my college classes. However, I also strengthened my schedule to more than what it was when they accepted me. They accepted me with two high school honors classes anticipated for the Spring and they will be receiving a transcript for the Spring with four college classes (which I am almost certainly getting As in) and one high school course (which is the same as the honors course minus an honors project. I didn’t entirely drop the class. They’re nearly identical). I did not drop the other high school class I put down when I applied; rather, I replaced it with a second year college course of an identical subject matter but with much more rigor.

I recognize that colleges look down upon lightening schedules after being accepted but that is by no means what I did. Should I still inform them of the change so I don’t get rescinded? Would they really rescind a student for doing more rigorous, challenging work? I don’t want them to act all suspicious if I send them my Spring schedule towards the end of spring, but it was after reading an article about rescinded apps the other day that got me worried.

Again, they only wanted what I was enrolled in on the Common App. Also, my college doesn’t require a mid-year report, although they did get my transcripts from the Fall, so they know that I’m doing well (and I was and continue to be doing well).

Suggestions? Is this more or less of a problem than I think it is?