Changes at Columbua FU Regular Decision??

<p>wondering what you all think my chances are at Columbia regular decision for engineering</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA 4.0
Weighted GPA 4.5
Class Rank 5/400
SAT I 720M/630V=1350Combined
SAT II: Math IIC 780, more to come</p>

<p>500+ hours at local engineering firm - kid that worked there before me got into MIT RD w/ a 1370, so it obviously carries something (good rec)
national honor society
TSA President, VICA
varsity baseball and golf
Parks and Rec volunteer
more extracurriculars that i dont feel like typing</p>

<p>recommendations are pretty good
same with essays, nothing that will jump off the page though</p>

<p>Anywayz, feedback please!


<p>You need to up your SATs if you want a good chance. Try for a 1500+ if at all possible: I've heard that if you have 1500 or above, you're halfway in.</p>

<p>"I've heard that if you have 1500 or above, you're halfway in."</p>

<p>not true...1500 or above just means that you're set in the world of SATs</p>

<p>welll what are my chances? i know my SAT is my achielles heal... 1350 is still good, but is it not good enough for columbia? Everything else i have is great (in my opinion) 2 varsity sports, part time job at engineering firm, top 10 hardest course load at school (4.0 unweighted), 8science, 6 math classes.. even a physics class at the university of virginia....</p>