Changes in QAS (Question & Answer Service) Availability?


<p>I'm an overseas test taker (in AsiaPac) and I was surprised to learn that the QAS was not listed as an available option for the Oct 2010 test. Only "SAS" (Student Answer Service) was offered for all tests except for the May 2011 test (which does come with QAS).</p>

<p>In the past, QAS was offered for Jan, May, and Oct testing dates (also in 2005, there was QAS for March as well). Has anyone else encountered this issue? QAS booklets are great for reviewing what you got wrong and are an effective SAT study aid. Is this a system-wide ETS policy change, or does it just affect select countries?</p>


<p> seems I answered my own question...</p>

<p>According to SAT</a> Scores - Student Answer Verification Services</p>

<p>Only the May test offers QAS for overseas test takers, while students in the US/Canada have access to QAS for 3 tests (Jan, May, Oct).</p>