Changes to next year's APs

<p>Does anyone know if they are going to be major changes to any of next year's AP tests? I'm trying to self-study several subjects starting this summer with some AP prep books among other things, and I'd like to know if any of these "current" prep books are about to become outdated. Thanks in advance and have a nice summer everyone!</p>

<p>CollegeBoard</a> - AP Course & Exam</p>

<p>^ Tells you everything.</p>

<p>I think it is interesting that they are making changes to the exam next year, mostly with the change of schedule. I found it particularly interesting that they are moving the AP Statistics exam back another week.</p>

<p>That doesn't actually tell you everything. For example, it doesn't list what changed in Human Geography, that information is somewhere else.</p>

<p>You could check the home pages of the AP classes/exams you plan to take on AP Central. Go to AP Central and hover over "AP Courses and Exams" on the left. Choose "Course Home Pages and choose whatever subject you want. There should be a list of links. Look through them and see if any are related to changes in syllabus.</p>

<p>It looks like history, language, and science are getting changes.</p>

<p>I know that this is what they're doing for WHAP.</p>

<p>Historical Thinking Skills </p>

1. Crafting historical arguments from historical evidence
2. Chronological reasoning
3. Comparison and contextualization
4. Historical interpretation and synthesis</p>

Nine Habits of Mind</p>

<p>Also, the weighting of the different time periods have been modified slightly.</p>

<p>You can see the revised curriculum at
CollegeBoard</a> - AP Course & Exam</p>

<p>But these arent for next year are they?</p>

<p>the changes to Human Geography are on Ap Central!</p>