<p>a LOT has happened since I filled out the original precandidate questionnaire to apply for SLS. how do I go about making changes to my file? on the usma website where I got my usma ID and password says mail those kind of changes in but I have no idea how to attack that. ( where to send it to, format, etc.)</p>

<p>any advice would be greatly appreciated

<p>I would always log into the USMA website so that I could view my candidate file. Then I would go to "My file completeness status" and at the very bottom in small print is says "update admin data". I just would send them a message and say that I was awarded this, or I got to be the Captain of this team, or I earned this leadership position etc etc.. I don't ever remember sending too much in by hand after I initially sent back that huge packet of information about myself and my accomplishments or w/e. </p>

<p>I take it that if you just applied to SLS recently USMA is yet to send you that huge packet of stuff to fill out (teacher evaulations, highschool transcripts, leadership positions--- all that stuff). If you HAVEN'T already gotten this, I would hold out on sending new stuff in until they send you that huge packet which will cover just about everything. I think I applied to SLS in January, but then didn't get my packet until end of August going into my senior year?? I can't remember, but it was something like that. Message me if you have any specific questions or want to talk about apps. Hope that helps!!</p>

<p>The admin data update area is for basic file information like your address, not awards or extracurriculars. Fill out another questionnaire and talk to your MALO in order to make sure that it's on file.</p>

<p>ok thanks
that reminds me i still need to get in contact with my MALO
i havent even introduced myself to him yet</p>