Changing Classes

<p>I changed classes once after orientation because I saw some open up that weren't previously available. I went back to check to see if anymore opened up that i wanted and they did but growl won't let me change them anymore. It says makeup enrolling is set for September 8th.</p>

<p>Your registration period has passed and now you must wait for the general enrollment period, which is open in September for all students.</p>

<p>that kinda sucks IMO</p>

<p>hope you get your classes though =O</p>

<p>You think that sucks? I am a freaking senior and one of my classes got cancelled a couple of weeks ago. Not only does that mess up my whole fall schedule, I also have to wait until September before I can find a replacement, and by that time most of the classes are filled. Cancellation of classes blows... =&lt;/p>