changing colleges/majors within northeastern

hello all! i was recently admitted to Northeastern’s class of 2024, and my current major is health science and psychology within the Bouvé college of health sciences. I also have a Deans Scholarship! How would I go about changing my major to behavioral neuroscience (in the college of science)? Has anyone had a similar experience changing colleges/majors through the online portal? Would this change impact my scholarship?

Also—Northeastern gave me considerably less need-based financial aid than most schools. Would an email to my admissions counselor or a financial aid representative be appropriate to ask for more aid?
Any advice and input would be greatly appreciated!

Major changes are easy with a few exceptions. You can appeal financial aid but there are no guarantees.

@TomSrOfBoston Could you give me an example of some of these exceptions?

@classof2020mrs Switching into pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy and the portfolio programs in CAMD: architecture, graphic design etc.

hey!! I just finished my first year at neu :slight_smile: you should be able to change your major pretty easy; I switched from Physics to Mechanical Engineering before my first semester and I just emailed one of the Mechanical Engineering advisors and they admitted me into the major. you can also email the advisor you have right now and they can probably help you with contacting the correct advisor, but it should be on the College of Science website. changing majors also didn’t change my scholarship at all, so you should be fine but I would still double check. good luck!!