Changing Common App Essay after ED/EA

<p>After submitting the common app essay for Early Decision/Action, Can we still make changes to the essay if we get rejected and want to apply for Regular Decision?</p>

<p>I would like to know also.</p>

<p>You cannot apply again to a school that rejects you Early Action/Early Decision that admissions cycle. (If you take a gap year, you can reapply during the gap year.) If you would like to apply to other colleges regular decision, there is a way to create a new version of the CommonApp--I personally did so. I don't remember, unfortunately, precisely how I did so, but it can be done.</p>

<p>What the OP means is, can you revise the Common App essay submitted to the EA/ED school(s) to submit to his/her RD schools.</p>

<p>Yes--heck, you can even write a completely new essay, completely new supplement, update activities, anything you want. The point of having a new "form" of the CommonApp is that nothing is permanent just because you submitted to an early school.</p>

<p>I asked this same question on another forum (honestly just found out there was this Common App section of CC!). I got a variety of responses, but most said it was possible but difficult to find on the common app web site. (?) (DS wants to get several EA applications out, but they are mostly to schools he should be admitted to. He has his one Dream School that does not have EA or ED, and I'm guessing he might want to polish/edit/start from scratch on his essays before submitting that application.)</p>

<p>Wouldn't mind hearing from more people who have actually done this.</p>


<p>haha I am in a similar situation, and i agree itd be great to hear from more people!</p>

<li><p>It is possible to createa different version of the common application (including the essay) </p></li>
<li><p>The common app explicitly states not to use different essays for different schools. (although it is possible, that is)</p></li>

<p>Technically, it is possible, but you shouldn't do it</p>

<p>See--answers like that one are really confusing to me.</p>

<p>If anyone has actually done this, do you remember how you did it? Was it hard to figure out?</p>

<p>can't you just simply edit it? i mean, when you submit your essay to the Common App, it's not permanent right? you can just edit it later (supposedly after you apply ED and want to make changes).</p>

<p>or maybe i just don't know much about the Common App...</p>

<p>As soon as you submit to any school, you can't change the main essay.</p>

<p>You can "make a copy" of your commonapp and edit that though. It wasn't too hard to find, you click some stuff on the left... I did so to reword some stuff, fix grammar, ehehe.</p>