Changing Courses Second Semester Senior Year

I applied EDII and I got accepted; however, I never sent my mid year report because the transcripts at my school were not ready. Instead, my counselor just emailed admissions my grades from first semester. What I forgot to mention was that second semester I switched from dual enrollment English to regular English and from regular Econ to AP Econ. Is it still recommended that I tell admissions about the switch even if I’ve already been accepted? Any advice would be very helpful.

Not only is it recommended, for most colleges it’s required

Yes, you should write to admissions because, technically, you are supposed to get them to approve of the changes. This is assuming that you previously reported your senior schedule on your application.

It shouldn’t be an issue at all for your school but you should still let them know. D also had a change to her schedule so she wrote to the schools that had already accepted her EA and they all said it was fine. It was already a done deal on her end too, but her counselor was the one who told her she still needed to tell the schools. She also wrote to her RD schools as well just to advise them of the change.

Thank you for the detailed response. How do you recommend I do this? Should I just email my admissions officer? Should I ask if it’s okay or just tell them the change has already happened?

Yes, I think writing to your admissions officer is a good choice. You can explain the changes to your schedule, the reasons you made the changes and that you are writing to make sure they are acceptable. If your guidance counselor approved the changes you can mention this as well. Good luck.

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