Changing CSULA Application Major

I applied to CSULA for fall 2020 term as Undeclared. At the time of my application submission, I was interested in nursing but wasn’t dead set on it. But now I pretty much am. I figured that if I became committed to nursing later, I could just declare the nursing major if I got accepted and decided to attend. However, I later found out through the CSULA website: “Students admitted to Cal State LA as Exploring (Undeclared), or as a major other than Pre-Nursing, will not be able to change their major to Pre-Nursing or Nursing during their tenure at Cal State LA.” Now that was a blow. #Regrets

So I’m wondering if it’s possible to change my application major at CSULA from Undeclared to the nursing major before they review my application…

UPDATE: And according to my GET portal, my application is still pending. It has that yellow triangle as the status. So I’m assuming they haven’t reviewed it yet.

Call admissions on Monday to find out if you can change majors. Most schools will have a deadline as a Freshman applicant. No mention of a deadline on their website, but the sooner the better if you are sure especially for Nursing.

@Gumbymom Could I email them instead? Or would it be better to contact them by phone?

You could email them but since the holiday break is coming up and finals end Monday December 16th, it might be better to call on Monday before the offices are closed.