Changing Economics Major in Georgia Tech

I want to know if it is easy to change majors at Georgia Tech as freshman. I got Economics(Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts) in RD, but I want to do Computer Science major(College of Computing), which is in different college. After I get in, could I change my major into another major in different college? I heard that everyone has one unrestricted chance but I’m not sure if I can change my major into Cs because I’m in different college(IACLA). Any ideas?

Why did you apply to Ivan Alan if you want to do computer science? That’s a tremendous change in path.

Typically you have to wait until after the withdrawal period to change your major. They used to let you change when you register for orientation but the website would indicate that you can’t do that anymore.

Everyone wants into Georgia Tech CS or engineering. I would be shocked if they allow people to switch because everyone would try to game the system by applying as freshman to a major with a higher acceptance rate.

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My understanding is that they still allow everyone one free switch freshman year.

And not everyone wants to go in to CS at GTech (though a ton of people do).

BTW, Ivan Allen also has Computational Media, where you would take the CS core but instead of 2 CS threads of your choosing, you would pick 1 of 3 CS threads and a communications/games/design/music tech thread.