Changing from nutrition to bio major at ucd?

<p>Hi everyone! I was accepted into the college of ag at Davis for the nutrition science major. I'd like to switch to biology because it's more broad. However, this major is in a different college (letters and sciences?), and I'd assume there are a lot of bio majors at ucd. </p>

<p>Anyone know how hard it is to switch to a major in another college? And if bio is impacted at ucd?</p>


<p>why would u want to swtich to Bio major if you got in Nutrition. Nutrition in Davis has a pretty high ranking in the nation..</p>

<p>Bio is impacted at UCD and it's under "College of Biological Sciences"
College</a> of Biological Sciences (CBS), UC Davis
take a look at their website you might find the info you need.</p>

<p>Nutrition is actually more fun than bio. The biochemistry that you learn in your bio classes makes a whole lot more sense after studying nutrition. I would recommend staying.</p>