Changing high school senior year?

Ok, so I recently moved to another city, 30min-1hr from my old high school and I’m having trouble deciding if I should transfer high schools or not. My biggestworry is that the new high school near me need 27 credits by the end of the year to graduate while my current high school only need 24 credits and by now I probably have 18-19 credits and I don’t think I make 27 credits by the end of the year at the new school. So should I just stay at my current high school or at least try at the new one? Help please SOS

How would you manage to commute back to your old high school every day?

Go speak with the guidance office at the new high school, and find out how your credits would transfer. It might not be hard at all for you to graduate on time.

Do they offer Cyber High at either school? Or, would they accept Community College credit for high school credit?

One semester of a CC course is equivalent to a whole year of a high school course. You could probably get it done that way, if one of the schools would allow it.