Changing major after admitted?

<p>I asked in the general transfer forum but figured I could get answers on here. I was wondering if I could change my major after being accepted into the school. For example, if I was accepted to Wisconsin's business school and majored in business and was accepted as a transfer. Could I decide I want to change my major to something else like finance which would be in the same school I was accepted to?</p>

<p>Once you are admitted to the business school you can change your major or majors within the business school quite easily. Just a form to fill out and turn in.</p>

<p>Info for transfers:</p>

<p>Transfer</a> Student</p>

<p>Awesome! Thanks for your help I appreciate it</p>

<p>Business Major/Certificate Declaration/Cancellation -- link to form</p>

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<p>Thanks again for your help!</p>