Changing major after applying?

Is it possible to change my major rite now? I already applied as a Cognitive Science and my alternate major as a Psychology in UCLA. Is it possible to change my first choice as Psychology and alternate as Cog sci? I have finished all the pre reqs for Psychology but I still have 2 pre reqs missing for Cog sci by this Fall. I read somewhere that UCLA don't even consider Summer courses taken prior to Fall, so this means I have lower chances of getting admitted.......=(
Just wanted to know if it's possible. Thanks!</p>

<p>That sux. You basically wasted a pick. You could have picked another major and psychology to increase your chances of getting in. But considering that, you have psych as your alternate. So they will base an admission decision on both majors. If you don't get in the first major, then they will evaluate you for the alternate.</p>

<p>You're not going to get into UCLA if you're missing pre-requisites and trying to change your major at the last minute. The admissions officers are going to assume you're undisciplined and unprepared when you're still finishing your pre-requisites up in summer and you're switching majors after you sent in both your TAU and UC app. Also, UCLA doesn't guarantee to evaluate you for your alternate unless you've completed TAP. Generally, they don't accept impacted majors as an alternate not even if you did TAP. If you want to get into UCLA, re-apply next year, get TAP certified, finish all your pre-reqs by fall, and know and meet all the conditions for admission into UCLA before you submit your application.</p>

<p>You can get accepted to Cog Sci missing pre-reqs because it is a non-impacted major. Your GPA needs to be close to perfect though. I asked 2 different UCLA ad reps about this in the Fall and they told me I would still be competitive with the missing class because of my GPA. I ultimately decided to put Psych as my first choice for a multitude of different reasons but don't be discouraged! Since you are missing 2 classes that probably hinders you more than 1 class but I would try and keep a positive attitude. Not much else you can do at this point</p>