Changing major at Davis

<p>I'm curious, if you apply to Davis and get in as a Mathematics major, and then a quarter after decided you wanted to change to computer engineering, what requirements would they ask for? GPA wise and all? </p>

<p>I saw a bit on one page that to change into engineering, the following is required:


  1. be a registered student and have completed at least one quarter (minimum of 12 units) at UC Davis;
  2. have completed not more than 135 cumulative units (excluding AP units); students who have completed more than 135 units will be considered on an appeal basis only;
  3. be in good academic standing and meet minimum progress requirements;
  4. have received a letter grade for all courses that satisfy Engineering degree requirements, and
  5. have completed MAT 21A, B, C: PHY 9A and CHE 2A each with a grade of C- or better and a GPA in these five courses of 2.0 or better


<p>Advising:</a> Undergraduate: Current Students: College of Engineering: UC Davis</p>

<p>This is all fine, but in my plan I'll have Physics 9A and 9B already done by the time I get there. </p>

<p>The reason for asking this, is that I'd like to TAG into mathematics and then change to engineering later. To TAG into Engineering in the first place would require me to finish off 2 classes I won't have time to finish off beforehand. (thus, no TAG...)</p>

<p>Any advice is much appreciated ^_^ On the plus side, seems like I'll be perfectly fine with UCSC to TAG into computer engineering. It's just that I had setup my plans for EECS at UCB, and I'd rather not deviate from that by signing up for comsci (and having to take the last chem class). Blah! </p>

<p>I could always switch to chem too, or do a double math + CS major, that'd be fun as well!</p>

<p>Depends which two classes. Some prereqs are more important than others. For instance, a bio sci major does not absolutely need to finish organic chemistry and physics prior to transferring to UCD but it's a good idea to do it. I think the absolutely required prereqs should show up on With 2 classes missing, I think you'll be fine.</p>