Changing majors at Georgia Tech?

I was wondering how easy it is to change majors at Georgia Tech when you get accepted? Like let’s say you get Psychology in EA, but you actually wanna do BME. You commit to Georgia Tech then, how fast could you change your major to BME?

You cannot change as a freshman admit until after withdrawal deadline. You must enroll as your admitted major. I think you’re only allowed one unrestricted major change? Might not want to change so quickly. BME is actually the most popular major to switch out of - at least it was a couple of years ago. Use your major change wisely.

Georgia Tech is on to the apply for a liberal arts major and switch to engineering thing, hence the restrictions.

@VirginiaBelle Would it be advised to apply as an Econ major with a minor in BME & Health and Medical Sciences if I want to go on the pre-med track as an in-state applicant to Georgia Tech? Like would I be at a disadvantage when taking the MCAT or applying to med school compared to a science major?

I’m not sure now, but it used to be that your major did not matter at all when applying for medical school. You still have to take a significant number of premed classes which are science. Many opt to major in a science discipline because so much of the pre-requisite is done. I would think your GPA, scores and your premed classes, and MCAT should be all a medical school would need academically. When I was in college, many people who were premed and went to med school majored in psychology or communications or majors that were considered to be less strenuous.

I would apply to whatever you have the most interest in.

@VirginiaBelle is correct. You can major in anything you like and just take the med school pre-requisites. Med schools care about GPA and MCAT. I understand that music majors are one of the most successful at getting admitted to med school. Med schools also like diversity… not a class full of only bio majors, for example. I am no expert and learned much of this on CC. There is a forum specifically covering premed topics… you should check it out. Good luck.

You’re allowed one switch with basically no questions asked. It was a fairly simple process. After that it’s competitive to switch and not guaranteed. My son just transferred from business to IE. He was going to do a business/math combo but after seeing their IE program decided to switch. As for med school there are plenty of better advisors on CC but I’ve heard it’s pretty much GPA and MCAT’s that get you in. Major doesn’t really matter. FYI, GT only offers straight A, B, C grading…no B+, C-, etc. Grade deflation can be a thing at GT.

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