Changing Majors to look better for Grad school?

<p>I am currently a History major at San Diego State University going into my 3rd year. I realized last semester I wanted to go to grad school in Economics. So, I have two choices get the minor in Econ or change majors to Econ (the History classes would turn into a History Minor). I know it seems a bit late but, after examining the prospect of changing majors I figured out it is possible to still graduate on time in May of 2012.</p>

<p>The question is should I change majors to look better for grad school? What's the prospect of getting into the program I want while having a BA in History and a minor in Economics?</p>

<p>My GPA is sitting around 3.0 right now but, I have two years to raise it (and I will). The schools I am interested in are UC Santa Cruz, George Washington University, Lehigh, George Mason, and Clemson.</p>

<p>Advice for getting into these schools (in their Econ programs) are much appreciated.</p>

<p>I think the changing of your major will show your passion in Econ field, and get helps from relative facaulty more easily than students minor in it. I have heard a famous example that a person in Columbia University found it interesting of computer science and then transfered to it from political science, after graduation he was admitted by CMU. So go ahead and it seems no harm for your prospect.</p>

<p>Thanks David.</p>

<p>Anybody else have any useful information to help me decide?</p>

<p>Having an undergrad econ degree isn't necessarily going to make you a better looking candidate IMO. Most grad econ programs would like to see that you've taken at least through intermediate micro and macro theory and an intro to econometrics class would be a plus. </p>

<p>Depending on whether or not you're going for a masters or Ph.D., you'll need to have a strong math resume. I think the minimum you would want to have is Calc 1-3, linear/matrix algebra, diff eqs and if possible, a calc-based probability and math statistics class. Also study up for the GRE and do well on the quant section. </p>

<p>Your history background may even work in your favor at some schools who have strong economic history programs... I know George Mason is one of them. Not sure if that's what you're looking to do though. Anyways, hope this helps.</p>

<p>Hmm thank you Ravens.</p>

<p>Yeah I figure math is just a must. Interesting perspective.</p>

<p>No problem, glad I could help. Just worry about doing well in those math classes and in the intermediate micro and macro classes. You'll be able to take the upper level econ classes (i.e. international econ, public finance, industrial organization, etc.) in your graduate program at a more in-depth level anyways. </p>

<p>You seem very confident that you want to go to grad school for econ right now, but you may feel differently the same time next year. Going into your senior year, you don't want to have to be switching majors again if it turns out you don't want to pursue econ. </p>

<p>I don't think you'll be at a disadvantage at all if you apply w/ an undergrad history degree as long as you have those classes under your belt and a strong quant score on your GRE. Best of luck.</p>