Changing majors within a college

<p>The general consensus is that switching from A&S to VBS is difficult, but how about within the same college? I remember someone saying (regarding the switch from A&S to VBS) that one of the reasons it is difficult has something to do with the core curriculum for VSB. But it seems like all majors have that issue with core requirements for each respective major.
For example, if I changed from a biology major to an Economics or Computer Science major in A&S, would I run into a similar problem as if I would switching from A&S to VSB?</p>

<p>Switching majors within a college can be done , but be aware that if you are undeclared in A&S you are an undecided Arts student and will be behind if you decide to major in a Science.
If you are in A&S and feel you may declare a science major , you will want to have an Intro Science freshman year so can handle the labs course loads starting soph year.
Call advising to get solid advice and be persistent.</p>

<p>Ah I see what you mean. Right now I have no intention of switching, but I suppose its a good thing that I'm starting as a science major, instead of going from another major to science.</p>

<p>yeah if youre starting as a science major it will probably be more doable to switch to arts or whatever down the road if you do decide that</p>

<p>the problem is when you come in undeclared arts and then try to switch to a science or math major. undeclared arts take a different chemistry and calculus as a bio or math major would. if you start as a science you should be fine.</p>

<p>thats exactly what i was getting at</p>

<p>That's great to hear, thank you guys!</p>