changing majors

<p>Hi. I have a quick question. I am an incoming freshman at the College of Engineering with declared the Computer Engineering major. I figured out that what I meant to study is actually called Computer Science, instead. I will call the office in a few days, but maybe some of you know how it works? I just got the brochure with ECE stuff (schedules, requirements, etc.) Maybe should I wait for my summer registration?</p>

<p>The rule followed is that you are to stay in the major under which you were admitted until end of first year at which point you can request a change (you actually make the request about midway through second semester for beginning of third). First year engineering students tend to take the same courses so it is not a disadvantage being unable to change until then.</p>

<p>Oh, I see the idea. I wrote an email to them, anyways. Thanks for a reply</p>

<p>How easy is it to change majors?.. I mean is it easy if you have good GPAs and stuff?</p>