Changing my last name for college apps?

<p>Im Asian. So when I apply for the tippity top schools like Harvard they're going to see my last name and be like wthnoob we have too many of these and toss my paper into the bin.</p>

<p>Should I legally change my name to "First name - Smith"?</p>

<p>I don't think so.</p>

<p>That's sort of, um, desperate isn't it?</p>

<p>Go ahead. And afterwards, in the big fallout, we'll be loling at the New York Times article about it.</p>

<p>It is obviously an attempt at being funny.</p>

<p>Troll: mediocre at best</p>

<p>Not Troll: If you even have to consider changing your name because you are so doubtful about your chances, then do the admissions office a favor and don't apply</p>

<p>I'm so sorry you think so poorly of your ethnicity. </p>

<p>Years ago, there used to be a big push for immigrants to assimilate, so families completely dropped their native language and took on fake last names. Fortunately today, diversity is encouraged and families no longer feel the need to drop their language or their special customs. </p>

<p>Be proud of who you are.</p>

<p>... -.-</p>

<p>This is so stupid. I am half hispanic and I have an Irish last name (O'Something). You're Asian. Be proud of it. Your last name doesn't define you. </p>

<p>If you change it to Paz or something, are you going to put down Hispanic as your ethnicity?</p>

<p>Its so unfair</p>

<p>one of my brother's friends was Indian so he put down "American Indian" on his apps.</p>