Changing my Schedule!!!???

<p>So today I changed my schedule by dropping a film class and registering for a Poli Sci class instead. In my UC application, I listed that film class in the "Planned Courses" section and went ahead and registered for it during my registration. </p>

<p>My question: Will it matter/affect my chances if I changed that one film class to Poli Sci on the UC application update in January?</p>

<p>I dont think it matters whatsoever, so long as its not a major pre-req or something you plan on using to fulfill IGETC.</p>

<p>It never matters...</p>

<p>The UCs don't expect their applicants to be clairvoyants. There is a reason that, starting January 9, we are to update our applications online.</p>

<p>thanks guys!</p>