Changing Recommendation order via Common App or Naviance

My senior’s recommender’s list for each of his colleges on Common App are not in the preferred priority order. Specifically his “optional” recommendation (athletic coach/teacher) is showing often (depends on the college) as the only recommender under “Teacher.” And only 1 of his 2 core teachers are sometimes showing under “Teacher.”

  • For reference, all recommendations on Naviance are showing as “submitted.”

This popped up at an inopportune time and I can’t find much information on past posts. It’s basically a perfect storm as it’s now the holiday break. My dk did get to speak to the HS counselor today, but only got help in the form of contact info for the district contact.

The coach/teacher was the first to submit the recommendation about 3 weeks ago. The core teachers didn’t submit until the last couple days. Problematic as we didn’t realize that students aren’t able to make edits in priority/ranking from what we can tell through CA or Naviance.

Any help or options would be appreciated! Common App and Naviance have vague help information at best.