Changing roommates

<p>How can i change roommates?
I added my roommate on facebook but we havent talked, but my family doesnt seem to like his personal preference. Aka his sexuality.
What should i tell the RA? Should i just tell him the truth.
Honestly i dont care about him being gay or anything but ive heard stories about gay roommates as well.</p>

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<p>You're not gonna get a roommate change because your family doesn't like gay people.</p>

<p>Lol I know, but people told me they've bs'd about asthma and stuff.</p>

<p>So where exactly does your parent's issues come from? preconceptions?</p>

they've heard stuff about gay roommates and how people can change,
idk they're just looking out</p>

<p>the only problem i have with him is that he hasn't talked to me and it's gonna be awkward, i already have a feeling we won't be good roommates</p>

<p>lol people's sexualities don't suddenly change. More like they're figuring themselves out later than their teens, which is common. If you know you're straight, you're not going to suddenly go gay. But that's off topic.</p>

<p>If you don't have a problem with him, just room with him. It's not like your family's rooming with him. And go into the situation with an open mind. Who knows, he might be awkward on FB, but really chill in person. And if he's an awful roommate, you can just hang out with other people, nbd.</p>

<p>If you don't have a problem just go ahead and room with him.
Not sure I would like it myself-would feel like I was almost rooming with the opposite sex and wouldn't feel totally at ease with the whole changing in front of the other person thing.
Probably wouldn't be fun to be hit on by your rommie-lol!</p>

<p>Riverbirch (and anyone else with that misconception)- if my roommate's straight, there's no way in hell I'm hitting on him, or sneaking peeks, or anything of that sort. If he's gay, I still won't do that - that's the surest way to make it irrevocably awkward between us when things don't work out. If there's a problem between you and a gay roommate, it's
almost certainly based upon your preconceptions, rather than his sexuality.</p>

<p>Well Ryan maybe you won't be doing this, but some will. In my younger days I worked with plenty of gays who knew I was straight and they continually made comments to me in a manner that I considered offensive. Wouldn't have wanted them for roomates.
And sorry Ryan, it is an opinion, and not a misconception. I have gay relatives that I know would be fine to live with but also know of others who would push the limits. These types flaunt it everywhere they go and wear their sexuality on their sleeve.<br>
Extremely obnoxious in my OPINION-this is probably what the poster is worried about and with good reason.</p>

<p>Hey river, I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you, it's too bad that people do stuff knowing it makes you uncomfortable. I didn't post here to start a fight, nor did I intend to suggest that there aren't those types of people out there. I just wanted to clear up the misconception that EVERY gay guy will hit on you, or sneak peaks, or kiss you when you're sleeping, or whatever else one may think... If he does those sorts of things, by all means, go right ahead and switch roommates - that's unacceptable in any situation. However, don't switch just because he's gay, ok? Give them a chance first - many will be "normal" and their sexuality will have no effect on your life. Sorry for any misunderstanding.</p>

<p>It seems pretty narrow-minded if you want to switch roommates because of their orientation. I personally would be thrilled to have a gay roommate if we're being honest, if not for anything but the fact that they (generally) have hot girl friends and would bring them by the room.</p>

<p>I think RyanMK is right, and if you're really letting your family dictate your college roommate/friends this far into your life, maybe you should unlatch your mouth from your mom's tit and grow the **** up.</p>

<p>You're not going to get away with "bsing asthma." Just saying. And your RA has nothing to do with room changes-- and you won't get a "roommate change," if you get anything which is not likely, you'll get a ROOM change. AKA you will have to be the one to get up and move all your stuff midsemester without anyone to help you unless you've made friends by the time you get a new assignment.</p>

<p>Lol like I said.. I don't care.
Family's just looking out for me and doesn't want my sexual orientation changed by a roommate.
He looks like a chill guy,
I've just heard stories from friends..
I've had gay friends, I don't have problems with gays.</p>

<p>^Well then looks like you have nothing to worry about since your roommate won't be able to magically change your sexual orientation. Have fun.</p>

<p>It's only a problem if you or him makes it a problem. I'm not gay but I am friends with an (awesome) guy who is. It's complete crap when people think that gay guys are immediately attracted to every guy that moves. They are just like you in the way that they are attracted to some guys and not others (like you would be with girls). They also know that if someone is not playing on their team, they don't bother them, not matter how attracted they may be. Think about how terrifying it is for him, being gay and having to room with a guy who may be completely against something in his life he can't control, and therefore have an awful relationship. </p>

<p>Your parents need to grow up. Gay is not a disease, it is something people are born with. It will be 5x as scary for him to live in this situation as it will be for you, so suck it up and be a great roommate. You can choose to either be a great part of his college experience, or make it awful by switching roommates just because of his sexual preference.</p>

<p>I have a huge problem with this.</p>

<p>Screw what your parents and friends think. Since you're going to college, you'll probably drift away from those old friends so who really cares what stories they tell you? Go out there with an open mind, and you might be surprised!</p>

<p>College is all about meeting different people and dealing with situations you haven't dealt with before. Why don't YOU be the first one to message him on Facebook, "hey, I see we're roommates," and roll with it. Wait and see if any roommate problems actually happen before you bail. Then you have something to base it on. I'm sure that he is feeling as awkward /anxious as you are.</p>

<p>Yeah, again, I don't mind him.
I've messaged him but he hasn't responded.</p>