Changing SAT test date...

<p>Okay, it's my first time sitting for my SAT and i don't feel comfortable yet.
However, if i change my test date from December 3 to January 28, i will only be able to take the test once (due to personal issues.) I am going to be going to prep classes throughout Dec. and Jan. to prepare for the January 28 exam. Should I just postpone the test? I know I wont do well this December so I might as well be better off paying $25 rather than paying the entire $80~90(im international) for January.......</p>

<p>so what do you guys think :( should I move the test date since i really dont feel comfortable yet?? when I do practice exams in the blue book, i get around 1900 which is LOW... do you guys think i should prepare a bit more and take the test in jan? let me know :) thnx in advance!</p>

<p>bumpppp :( anyone??</p>