Changing to CSE major & Cluster dropping questions

<p>Hi CCers!
I'm currently a 1st year chemistry major on the pre-med track, but realized its not really for me. Instead, i'm looking at CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) as a potential major swap for me. Problem is, HSSEAS rules make you change after you finish your 2nd quarter. I want to get a headstart on the classes (CS 31, EE 1) but I believe they're restricted (Does that mean I can't take them btw)? So what should I be taking to get as much CSE-related pre-stuff out of the way? </p>

<p>I'm currently taking:
Chem 20A
Math 32A
GE Clst 30A</p>

<p>Should I drop my cluster? I heard that its not really beneficial to take a cluster for engineers. If I drop it 2nd quarter do I still get to knock out a GE req as if I just took a regular GE class? Or is it all or nothing because if it is I guess i'm gonna have to follow through =( not really liking my myth cluster. </p>

<p>Also I noticed that the intro intro CS 1 isn't offered anytime other than the fall quarter. Does that mean I have to take it next year or something? </p>

<p>Thanks for reading, and any comments would be helpful!</p>


Just ask the instructors for PTEs.

I believe you can get credit for what you’ve done so far, but definitely check with a counselor.

Yes, but you can try to petition out of that seminar because you didn’t start as a CS/CSE major.</p>

<p>If you switch into HSSEAS, you will be able to petition out of CS 1.</p>

<p>thanks guys for the responses! I’m looking forward to taking CS 31, but the only teacher teaching it is Rohr this quarter. Should I PTE for him or is it worth it to wait a quarter because from what i’ve heard he grades pretty hard and also is difficult to understand.</p>

<p>I really recommend you take CS31 next quarter. Rohr’s bad reviews are from him teaching CS33 (which he won’t anymore). I have a friend who took him for CS31, and it was fine, as he uses Smallberg’s projects. Also, CS32 is NOT offered in the fall, so if you take 31 spring quarter you will be set back a quarter. Take it next quarter so you can do 32 in the spring and 33 next fall.</p>

<p>I used to sit in on Rohr’s class for CS31… I’m not quite sure if he was hard to understand, cause I was never awake long enough to hear most of his lecture. </p>

<p>@esquiescence, as a non-engineering major who has taken CS31, I know you won’t be able to enroll in CS31 until the first day of class. (Unless you take it during the summer.) Though, it may be different with Rohr since his class is always empty (I had it with Smallberg)…</p>

<p>Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I remember, one of the engineering counselors told me that clusters only count for 2 GEs or something. (?) – You may want to get this verified.</p>

<p>Thanks again everyone! I think i’m going to PTE for CS 31, and if I end up not doing so well then i’ll just take it spring quarter. I didn’t actually look as far as 2011 Fall so thanks arklogic for bringing that up it’ll pressure me to try harder in Winter CS 31 =)</p>

<p>Rohr’s numbers are pretty low usually (8/35 left in one discussion this quarter) so I think it’ll be fine to get in on the first day of class. </p>

<p>@silvercross I went to a change of major workshop today and asked the person there about clusters. What he told me was quite ambiguous but what I got out of it was
Dropping after 1 quarter = petition, but will require syllabus and proof that it fulfills the GE which you are trying to petition for
Dropping after 2 quarters = petition as well, but almost guaranteed; mix and match 2 GEs which the cluster covered
And 3 gives you everything the cluster promises. Although the writing ii is useless since the ethics class is writing anyways. </p>

<p>It is confirmed that I can petition for getting out of CS1 although he said it wouldn’t be possible for some other majors like the chemical engineer seminar. Just in case anyone else is wondering!</p>

<p>So my class outlook (bleak as it is) is probably going to be:
CS 31 (Rohr)
Math 32B (Radko)
Phys 1A (Zocchi)
GE (Mus Hst 5 Rock and Roll?) </p>

<p>Hope it’ll be a great quarter!</p>