<p>[ *] College: I want to get into the Engineering Program. I want to know my chances of getting any type of financial aid; I already know I have a shot of being accepted.</p>

<p>[ *] SAT: The first time I took it I got 2130 (M: 750 CR: 720 W: 660=2130) The second time I took it, I got a 2240 (M: 760 CR: 680 W: 800=2240) My superscore is (M: 760 CR: 720 W: 800=2280) Maryland only looks at CR/M right?</p>

<p>[li] SATIIs: 780 Math II, 780 Chemistry</p>[/li]
<p>[ *]unweighted GPA: I had 2Bs in Middle School, 4Bs in Freshman Yr, 1B in Sophomore yr, and Straight As Junior Yr. COnsequently I have a 3.87 GPA overall but 3.96 GPA for 10/11th grade</p>

<p>[ *] Rank: We don't rank</p>

<p>[ *] Courseload: Mostly Honors/AP classes except in Freshman year, Counselor made an error and put me in Regular US History and Regular English. Will this hurt my chances? Other AP classes: AP US Government (5) , AP World History, AP BC Calculus, AP Chemistry, self studied AP Environmental Science. Senior Yr: AP Computer Science, AP Economics, AP Lang</p>

<p>[ *] Subjective (ECs, special circumstances, etc): I dont' have that many extracurriculars. Life Scout working on Eagle, 200+ volunteering hours, Interning this summer at the Center for Hellenic Studies, Math Honors Society, Cisco A+ Certified, Played violin from Elementary School to 9th grade, trombone for 2 years Middle School, 2 years Elementary School. Will they think its bad that I quit both instruments, and didn't continue?</p>

<p>[ *] Essays:not written yet
[ *] Teacher Recs: Good
[ *] Counselor Rec: Good
[ *] Hook (legacy, recruited athlete, etc.): N/A
[ *] State or Country: Maryland
[ *] School Type: Public
[ *] Ethnicity: Asian Male</p>

<p>[ *] major strength/weakness:
Weakness: Extracurricular Activities
Strength: Improvement in GPA; Freshman: 4B's Sophmore: 1 B, Junior: Straight As</p>

<p>merit aid is an iffy.</p>

<p>Merit aid scholarships: you’re a good candidate for Presidential’s or Banneker Key. For those scholarships they only care if your CR+M SAT is 1450 or higher.</p>

<p>[URL="&lt;a href=""]Chansey![/URL"&gt;"]Chansey![/URL</a>] </p>

<p>Banneker - No. You’re an Asian Male with no hook. Sorry, but no.
Presidents - Likely. Probably about $5,000 a year for 4 years.
Deans - Definitely. Mine was $4,500 a year for 2 years.</p>

<p>Don’t know how big a factor being Asian is! My (white) roommate has similar credentials (you have a few more notable ECs) and got Presidents. My other (asian) roommate didn’t do too many ECs but got like a 2300+ on his SAT and also got Presidents.</p>

<p>Yes, Maryland doesn’t look at writing nor SAT IIs. I know it sucks.</p>