Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall?

<p>Has anyone heard of Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall? I can't seem to find much info on it.</p>

I took the SSAT at Chapel Hill- Chauncey Hall. I don't plan on applying there, but I know that it is a school for kids who have learning disabilities like A.D.D or A.D.H.D. But it's supposed to be a good L.D school though.</p>

<p>My friends little brother goes there. Supposedly the academics aren't very tough.</p>

<p>if you want to get into a boarding school for 2010 they are still accetping students i ask about 2 weeks ago when i was looking for one. but they have no FA.</p>

<p>So it's not a very good school?</p>

<p>its an awesome school.</p>