Chapman Class Challenges

It’s unfortunate to post this but its something that potential students and parents should be aware of. Right now most Chapman students, especially freshmen and sophomores are struggling to get classes. The class of 2023 was one of the largest classes they have had and most students can’t get classes for both Interterm and the spring semester. When you choose Chapman or any private school one of the big reasons is being able to get the classes to get out in 4yrs. This is incredibly frustrating and something that potential students and parents should be aware of. Would love to be able to say that Chapman is working to resolve this but that unfortunately isn’t the case right now. So many very frustrated and stressed-out students.

Thanks for the info, my daughter just applied to Chapman for Fall '20. Is it any particular majors or everything? Gen Ed? Sorry you are feeling frustrated.

It’s more panic than anything. My daughter is now a senior and went through this…she didn’t always get exactly what she wanted when she wanted it, but she was fine and is graduating in the spring (she could have graduated after this fall semester but had some other classes that she wanted to take). Chapman will add classes if enough students are on a waitlist or open more seats. Sometimes she had to go to her backup plan. The benefits of her relationships with professors due to small class sizes has far, far outweighed the momentary stress of finding the right schedule. Her major has sent several emails advising of open classes and seats.

Good luck as you go through the application and decision process! We are now facing this again with grad school choices!

The challenge for Chapman (possibly others) is that this year they had more students accept and attend then in any prior year. Also, the state changed some laws around part-time employment for teachers and this is effecting Inter-Term classes. Its an issue for many students and but going to create some issues for the Freshmen and Sophomores who need classes. We really hope they solve this as Chapman has a desire to grow the school over the next few years as well. If you take more students you need to grow the classes and teachers needed. You’d expect this at a UC or State school, you don’t when you’re paying what we all pay to attend Chapman.