Chapman Class of 2023

I got in! Anyone else?

Congratulations to those who got in! Are they only releasing ED so far? Is EA coming Friday?

I applied EA and still haven’t gotten anything :frowning:

thanks! I got an email telling me to check my portal

My D applied EA, and has not been notified yet. I’ve only heard of ED notifications so far…

My son was so thrilled to find out last night (via email and the portal) that he was accepted ED to Dodge for Film Production. Anyone else?

Does anyone know when/how they find out if they will receive any sort of scholarships or financial aid?

I got admitted ED for Creative Writing. Congrats to your son!!! There should be an option at the bottom of his acceptance letter that says view other letters. If you click on that it should open to a PDF with your scholarship info. Hope that helps!

I applied EA, I have a feeling we will be hearing today.

My son applied EA for Film Production but saw on their website that he will not hear from them until early February.

That’s just for Dodge College, people with majors should hear today or tomorrow.

Just 4 post up iokso son was accepted to dodge. Anyone else understand the difference in the dec and feb dates?

From the website.

Early Action (EA) is a non-binding early deadline. Decision notification begins in late December for most programs, and are then sent on a rolling basis through the beginning of February.

I am waiting patiently. Do you think early action decisions will come out today or tomorrow? It came out on December 15 last year but the office hours are Monday-Friday and December 15 is a Saturday this year. I am waiting patiently and really hope it comes out soon.

I have a feeling today! Judging by ED came out yesterday.

Okay. I will check for an email tonight. I applied Philosophy, which is a small major in terms of graduating students. It seems that their film and business majors are the biggest and most competitive. When I find out I will post and if I am accepted I will state which major I was accepted under, and check back to see if anyone else received their decision for early action.

@isoko yes my son was accepted for film production too! @bobmor Early Action film production will hear February, Early Decision (binding) is finding out “mid December” and we know a few that heard yesterday.

Congrats to your son too!! We are soo excited.

Anyone hear any news?

No, they posted the notice as to when they were releasing the decisions around this time of day last year, but I will check my email in the morning tomorrow and update if anything changes. I think it will most likely be tomorrow evening because they probably want to push it out before winter break. Their office isn’t open on Saturday because of the weekend, and their attendance is shaky during the break so they would fall behind if they waited a while longer.

i applied EA for screenwriting (in dodge) and still havent heard anything yet. im thinking tomorrow’s gonna be the day