Chapman Class of 2023


Just Applied ED for a BFA in Screen Acting!!!

Applied EA for business administration :slight_smile:

My son applied ED for film production

My daughter applied EA for Animation. Looking forward to the decision!

My son applied EA for Film Production. Not supposed to hear until 1/10. Damn, that seems so far away!

the admisson counselor said we should hear mid december

Last year EA came out Dec. 15 which was a Friday so I hope they come out Dec. 14 this year

@vividlife - The website says by 1/10, but my son and I are hopeful he hears by 12/15!

ED is mid December.

Film production EA is usually February,
EA for other programs is January.

For Film Production—

Spring Applicants: End of November through December

Freshman Early Decision: End of December

Freshman Early Action: Early February

Fall Transfers: End of April through May

And for business administration?

How does it work with first and second choice programs? If you are notified that you got into your second choice program (Broadcast Journalism and Documentary) before the Film Production (first choice) decisions come out; does that mean you did not get into Film Production? Haven’t heard from anyone yet (just to be clear) but wondering how it all plays out.

After looking at some CC posts from last year, it seems that EA always comes out as ED and last year EA and ED came out on Dec 15 (a friday) so hopefully this year on Dec 14 we will find out

Does anyone know if they send an email to check the portal or do they just update the portal and you need to check obsessively?

They usually post on their social media that decisions are coming soon and then you will receive an email telling you to check your portal. They will likely wait until the end of the school day on the west coast to post decisions.

They send an email to check your portal. My son applied Early Decision and just got his email this evening! Hoping you all get good news as well!

I got accepted! ED international business

@gg2019 Did you get an email? or is it in the portal?

Also, congratulations!!!

@vividlife they send an email telling you your portal has been updated and to log in and check. My son got that email about 5:30pm this evening.