Chapman Class of 2024

I noticed there wasn’t a normal decision Chapman thread! Starting one here good luck everyone! When do you think decisions will come out?

Last year , according to cc thread, they started rolling out in 3/6 around 5:30 pm.

Waiting patiently!!

Any day now!

My son just auditioned for music performance on Saturday. Does anyone know if RD notifications are released as quickly after auditioning (around 3/6 like last year)? I do know that was their last date for auditions.

I’m really hoping they start coming out this Friday! I’m losing my mind waiting.

Agreed! Waiting is the hardest part!


I think 3/6 is the date

@someperson10 may I ask where you received this date from?

Last years thread

last year 3/6 was a wednesday, so fingers crossed they come out today!!

We can hope!!

If they come out today, does anyone have a guess of what time? Otherwise I’m going to be checking the portal like crazy

@nycbebe I think it was between 5-7 pm California time last year, but some people said they started hearing in the morning the year before. I am trying not to keep my hopes up about today, but hopefully, we will hear by Friday 3/6. Today would be amazing though. I am really excited and nervous.

They are out!

accepted for health sciences major!

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I’m so excited!! I was just accepted for political science! I am so glad they came out tonight.

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I was just accepted for their pharmacy program!!!

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Rejected for TV writing and Production. Congrats to everyone!