Chapman EA - Class of 2025

I haven’t seen any CU threads for c/o 2025 so I figured I’d start one!

I applied EA to Chapman for BFA Screen Acting:)


Nice job! My son applied as business administration. I heard we find out decisions for EA / ED later this month. :crossed_fingers:

Do u know when decisions come out?

I applied for Integrated Educational Studies EA, I’m so nervous to hear back AH!

Does anyone know what day they plan to release decisions?

definitely before winter break. so this week or next

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I’m pretty sure decisions are coming out this Friday the 11th, they posted something on their instagram story “It’s almost the middle of December, you know what that means”. Could be talking about next week though

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Hey guys! I think maybe they’ll come out this Friday because I also saw their post. I applied EA as a biology major :slight_smile:

Hi! I applied EA for Creative Producing and it appears that over previous years applications went out around the 19th . Not sure if this year will be around the same time or not though after seeing their instagram posts!

I applied EA for art history! I’m literally SO nervous! I think it might be tomorrow… they posted that thing on their story talking about how it was soon. It’s my first choice, and I really want to get in.

I’m thinking they might come out tomorrow on the eleventh… the past two years they’ve come out the second Friday of Dec, and also they posted on their story that it “Mid December” was coming up soon!

Oooh I hope they’re out tomorrow lol I’m nervousssss. Good luck to u!!!

Do you guys think that they’ll keep with the tradition of accepting one person early in the day? Don’t they usually surprise the person in-person? Cause they might not do it because of covid.

I applied EA too for Broadcast Journalism! They’re not really giving any answers HAHA. I guessed they’d come out around the 15th. Would they send it by mail or send it online?

Online through the portal probably. Good chance they’re coming out today by the looks of their instagram and twitter, last year they also came out on the second Friday of December. I applied EA for their pharmacy/business program. Good luck guys!

What time does Chapman usually release decisions? (I’m in EST for reference but I know they’re in PST)

Yeah I’m EST too, I’m pretty sure last year it was around 5 PST, just judging from last years forum

Do they usually not say on the day they’ll be released? I’d assumed they would’ve at least posted something by now

Usually they announce the first person they admitted on their social media by surprising them in person, however not sure they’re going to do that this year because of covid

Guys I’m just so scared!! Ahhh! I really hope it’s today