Chapman EA for Film Production

Just got an email about decision dates. It said ED an EA are mid December and Film Production is mid February. I applied EA for Film Production. When should I expect my decision? Kinda confused.

Film production is it’s own entity that requires everyone apply by the early date. Those who apply ED hear mid December, everyone else hears mid February.


I’m posting here to see when people get acceptances. Seems like the trend has been feb 8 or 9th but their Twitter usually posts before about when. IM SO TERRIFIED.

Rejected from Chapman for B.F.A in Film Production. 4.2 WGPA, 3.96 GPA. 1480 SAT. Heavy extracurriculars relating to film production.

Surprised because I was accepted into LMU SFTV, which I had expected to be more difficult than Chapman considering how it has a much smaller program and a lower acceptance rate for film/television production students.

@ETanti18 CONGRATS on your LMU Acceptance and great work on your short, Stay!

… late to the party, but sharing in the hopes it’ll help future applicants that might be curious about such:

My young adult (YA) was accepted to Chapman’s Dodge Film & TV Production (without interview) via EA on Friday 2/7/2020 after receiving an email from Admissions about 5:30p PST indicating a status update was available via their Applicant Status Portal.

About a month later, attended Panther for A Day for a more thorough campus and dorm tour, as well as posed a lot of questions with other Dodge students during the tour and sat in on a Directing Class. This class literally BLEW my YA’s head off from excitement and the phenomenal information shared!

Offered a Dodge Talent Scholarship a couple of days later!!

Overall, was even more impressed and excited about Chapman, Dodge and the community in general.

Extremely appreciative of film schools that offer a holistic admission review process for creatives, because if admission was totally based on academic stats, this process would appear extremely bleak and daunting for many talented young artists; thus below are ranges for my YA in the hopes of inspiring others to continue working hard… VERY HARD and let your light shine!

GPA: 3.40-3.60

SAT: 1000-1200

APs: 3-5

ECs: Served in almost every film crew capacity in over 20-40 productions: 10-20 of which my YA either wrote or directed; 10-20 fellow student productions as crew member ranging from DP to PA; Co-wrote a feature to be pitched shortly & has over 20-30 shorts and story ideas in Celtx/Final Draft Portfolio; Has shadowed a few Directors, DPs & Camera Operators on a couple of film and TV sets; Takes several online classes via MastersClass, SundanceInstitute, YouTube and other valuable resources; Has been working, for the most part, as soon as was able to get a work permit; Submitted first short to national film festivals last year and it has done extremely well on the circuit: officially selected at 10-20, received 10-20 nominations and won 5-10 awards, as well as was instrumental in leading to a U.S. Presidential Scholars Candidate (Arts) and National YoungArts Foundation Winner (Film).

Volunteer & School Activities: Has been doing community service with two charitable organizations for the past 5-10 years and has been involved with various school activities, since freshman year.

Personal Statement (a few obstacles, hardships and several lessons learned over the years), Supplemental Essays, Film Submission, Resume, Creative Portfolio and Recommendation Letters were more than likely the saving grace that provided the opportunity to showcase talent, curiosity, creativity, passion, dedication, perseverance, teamwork, leadership, creativity, humbleness, potential and true character.

Best wishes to all, continued success and keep the faith!

Nice lucky him! So much experience! personally haven’t heard anything back so I’m still hoping for something.

Hey everyone, what is everyone doing for the summer to gain experience? Any programs or internships?