Chapman early action class of 2024

So I have yet to find a discussion about the release date of chapman’s early action decisions for the class of 2024? Anyone have any insight to when that might be?

Last 2 years it has been around Dec. 15

My son applied Early Action for Dodge film production as the first major and chose the second major as undecided with Chapman. Will he get an admission decision in the middle of December?

No, only Film Production ED will receive their notifications in December; your son would hear back in February. However, I believe he could technically hear back soon if they put him as undecided, but I think they would still prioritize his major.

@LotusSeeds From the Chapman website:

Early Action (EA) is a non-binding early deadline. Decision notification begins in late December for most programs, and are then sent on a rolling basis through the beginning of February.

Thank you for your reply!

Do you think Dec 13th as on a Friday or the following week? Portal or letter?

@GeorgiaC Most likely Dec 13 as Fall 2019, last year, was December 14

Email to check portal last year. My son was ED Film production and actually heard December 12

@jss9395 That’s cool that he found out two days earlier, did you know if it was only ED Film Production majors that could’ve recieved it early?

Super helpful. Thank you

@coconutbottles really helpful. Does your S like it?

@GeorgiaC Actually I am an applicant this year!

Yes only ED. The rest of film production hears in February

@jss9395 How about other ED majors?

I ED to Film Production and 2nd choice as TV, and I hear back from them they said “mid-December” which I am thinking is Dec 15? But i’ve been hearing a rumor that college admissions won’t post the decisions on Friday the 13 because of superstition? Anyone know if this is true or not? Because that would mean it would either be out on Dec 12 (Emory is releasing their’s on Dec 11) or it would be on Monday the 16.

I don’t believe admissions offices are open on Sunday, so I’m guessing decisions may be released by the end of the week, on Thursday or Friday. I’m thinking it will be ED Thursday and EA Friday. I applied EA, and I’m hoping to get in. In regards to time of day, I’m hearing 3pm is a possibility. I applied undeclared, but I’d plan to major in psychology. Wishing everyone the best of luck!

If it’s going to imitate past notification times, last year I think it was around 5pm pst (7pm cst for me :)) on this upcoming Friday and everyone seemed to be accessing the decision only through there portal not by email. I applied EA for poly sci and chapman is definitely my first choice!!

I applied EA to software engineering. Don’t you think if they don’t do Friday the thirteenth, they’ll wait till next week? There’s probably more applications this year than last year anyways…

I feel like if the notification is similar to past years, it’ll be released this Friday hopefully. I applied EA for animation and vfx and Chapman is my first choice. Good luck to everyone else who applied!!