Chapman Fall 2019 Transfers

I haven’t seen any threads for Chapman Fall 2019 Transfer hopefuls, so I thought I would make one!

Major: Strategic and Corporate Communications (first choice) Business (second choice)
GPA: 3.38
AA-T/AS-T: yes
Prereqs: Completed (1 last class left but I’m registered for it this semester)
I currently attend Santiago Canyon College.

Submitted my application today :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone who applied!!

Hi! I’m applying for Strategic & Corporate Communication too! I didn’t choose a backup major. Hope we get in! :slight_smile:

GPA: 3.83
Extracurriculars: YouTube and freelance writing/editing
Job/Work Experience: part-time teacher
Volunteer/Community service: 5 years for hospice care, 2 years for food banks, 3 years tutoring, 1 year teacher’s assist
Letter of Rec: Just one from a communications professor, I think it should be good.

I hope so too! I’m sure you will with your GPA. I’m a little nervous about mine but it’s at the average so fingers crossed. My essay explains how my grades suffered due to health reasons and that’s why I took time off from school as well. Extracurriculars included student gov., honor society; work full time hours in marketing while going to school; volunteering included the organization that helps people with my illness (I serve as a mentor for newly diagnosed patients and other various activities), Girls Inc., and a few other things. I have one letter of rec but I am hoping for a second. Hopefully it works out!

@acceptmeplz376 You have a great shot of getting in with your stats and ECs! – on page 7/8 it says the average GPA is 3.39 and accepts 55% of transfers. Also, two letters of rec. is impressive! Good luck to you.

Hi! I applied on Feb 15 as an English major transferring from Pasadena City College.

GPA: 3.33 (with dual-enrollment HS classes taken at my college) 3.63 (without dual-enrollment HS classes)

Extracurriculars/Jobs/Volunteer: Law firm internship, music internship, I own a dog walking biz that I started when I was 15, cheerleader in HS, Alpha Gamma Sigma Honors Society, Publicity Committee, ASB in HS, personal assistant to a paralyzed student at USC, 20+ volunteer hours, Instagram influencer, actress, and blood donor.

Letters of rec: One from a previous English teacher from my HS.

Units: 16 in progress, 36 total including in progress.

I really hope I get in, I also applied to USC but they have really high expectations.

@amberly99 I think you have a great shot of getting in! :slight_smile: Your ECs are super cool too. Good luck!

Congrats & good luck to all of you! When does Chapman notify the transfer students if they are accepted?

Hi everyone! Thank you for starting a thread on here, i was waiting for one to pop up! I think you all have a great chance of getting in.

I’ll be transferring from Riverside City College!

Major: Music Education
GPA: 3.4
AA- Will have it once I graduate in June!
Credits- 17 units in progress, 51 finished (Total: 68)
I have 3 letter of recs. The Music department requires one as well as admissions but I got an extra one from a very kind professor :slight_smile:

I’m so nervous and want to know asap about my app! I auditioned last year in November and the faculty member said they’d love to have me. I’m just hoping everything works out!

Good Luck to everyone!!! Did you guys all apply before/by the deadline? And are all your docs received?

Yeah! I had some issues because 2 of my recommenders waited til the last minute to submit the letters of rec :<
And Were we suppose to receive an email stating our application was fully submitted? Just wondering

@Hyliancream I had one who submitted it very early but then my second one submitted it the 15th. Luckily because it says “minimum 1” (for regular non-music or film department applications) so that first one received gave me a checkmark for the transfer letter of recommendation.

About one day after originally submitting the common app I got an email that stated"WE’VE RECEIVED YOUR COMMON APPLICATION!" and gave me instructions to log into the UG Applicant Status Page. But besides that, the only email I have gotten has been a reminder to submit the FAFSA.

According to their tumblr they have begun reveiwing apps that have been “processed” which means anyone who has all docs in is starting to be reveiwed now. I have all green check marks except on two things but those two are waived so I don’t need to worry about that.

I hope we hear back soon, I know last year some people started hearing back the first week of March. Ugh this is agonizing.

PS: does anyone know if it helps that my mom went to Chapman too?

@YouGotThis1 Your username is giving me hope lol!

They say that admission decisions are rolling but begin about Mid-March but roll until June. I am assuming though that regular (non creative supplement required) majors hear back sooner, but also it depends on when your docs were received. I have spoken to a transfer counselor a few times and she mentioned also that some majors (specifically business) will almost always ask for a midterm report if you are in progress of one of the required classes. I am assuming it is similar for any other pre-req required major, or if your GPA is on the border.

I saw last year that people started hearing back as early as March 6 so I am hoping to hear back on the earlier side, but we’ll see.

@90smix Good luck!!! Did you apply to any other schools? And are all your docs in? Are you transferring locally? Hopefully we both get in, then maybe we can meet up (if you commit) :slight_smile:

@amberly99 Did you have to include your SAT/ACT score too? Good luck :slight_smile:

@YouGotThis1 Last year people heard as early as March 6th! Other dates I saw for acceptances were March 13-14, 20th, and all throughout April for those who submitted their app later.

@Hyliancream You have such a great application and 3 letters of rec. is super impressive! Good luck to you!

@acceptmeplz376 YOU TOO! Chapman is one of my top choices, they received all of my documents last week so I hope to hear back soon. I’m from the Bay Area. I also applied to Northeastern, UNC Chapel Hill, and UMich (accepted), wbu? I would * love * to meet up with all of the accepted transfers if I decide to commit! :smiley:

@90smix Same here! I actually only applied to Chapman so fingers crossed! If it doesn’t work out then I’ll reapply for spring and apply to Cal State Fullerton for winter. I’m from Orange but I will still be moving out if I go to Chapman :slight_smile:
Those are all such great schools!!! My good friend graduated from UMich 2 years ago and everyone else I know that graduates from there gets such AMAZING jobs! When do you have to let them know by? Hopefully Chapman gets back to you before the other deadlines!!!

I’m thinking if they have all our docs we’ll hear back hopefully in March not April, preferably the first week of March lol!
My docs were all processed early last week too so I am assuming they’ll open our docs up soon since they’re all processed?

Has anyone heard back yet regarding additional requests (like midterm reports)? I’m hoping we hear back starting next week :slight_smile:

anyone on here applying from a university and not a community college?

@ilovechicken1236 I’m not sure if anyone else so far has said that but I know in the 2017 and 2016 threads there were some transfers from a 4 year university.

Did you already apply/have you heard anything back yet (regarding midterm reports or anything)?

yeah i applied, and havent heard anything regarding midterm reports