Chapman housing?

I was admitted early action to Chapman and it’s to my understanding that your roommates are assigned and your dorm will be assigned by school. However, I could not for the life of me find out which hall is designated to which school. I couldn’t find a recent thread about the dorms either, so if anyone could provide insight that would be fantastic! Thank you!

So after some more searching, I found this link for the assignments from this past year, but I’m not sure if they’ll remain the same for the incoming freshman class.

The assignments can change each year based on how many students are in each school. You won’t know until housing is assigned in the summer. But don’t worry, each dorm has pros and cons. My daughter was in Glass her freshman year…she made her best friends in Glass (although she didn’t room with them, they made friends and ended up rooming together later).

During the Chapman preview day housing tour, I believe they said that this year the dorms would be a mix of majors but each floor would be the same major. They also said it would be very common for freshmen to be in a triple.

Congrats and welcome to the Chapman family! Chapman housing has learning communities for freshman that are based on your college/major (including undecided as a distinct group). The program is called Fenestra. They will pair up two or more colleges in a dorm, and each year, this pairings rotate. The following link shows an example of Fenestra groupings from a couple years ago:

In the summer, rising freshmen fill out a housing questionnaire about their living/lifestyle preferences…neatness, partying, etc. They match roommates based on these questionnaires. They try to match up compatible students in the same college.

For example, this year, Pralle Sodaro Hall has students from Dodge and Wilkinson colleges. Some floors or wings of floors have just Dodge or Wilkinson students.

The Fenestra groupings get posted to the first year experience area of the Chapman web site just before the roommate assignments are sent to students.

Has anyone accessed the housing portal yet? I saw on the Chapman website that it was open on February 19th but I can’t seem to figure out how to get into the portal.