Chapman off campus activites

<p>My daughter is considering Chapman. We will be going for a tour soon. I am curious to hear from any existing Chapman students, where you go (off-campus) for food, shopping, entertainment, movies, etc.? I have looked extensively, via google maps, with street view, at the neighboring streets. I did find "Old Town Orange", which looks very quaint, and very fun. It is several blocks away. I did not see much else, apart from one food mart, a liquor store, a coffee house, etc. - that was closer to campus than Old Town. So, where do students go (to buy food, to eat or that occasional meal when they get tired of on-campus meals? How about for movies, and other entertainment). I do realize that this is not the main reason to choose a school. However, the students will be in that same general area for 4 years, and depending upon the proximity to stores, restaurants, etc. - it can contribute to how bored a student might become, and also how far he/she might have to drive to find what they need, if it is not close. (my son is graduating this year, from a different school, and my questions originate, in part, from some of what he experienced. He experienced some very good, and some less than positive elements (related to the proximity of stores, restaurants, etc.).</p>

<p>Thanks for any feedback. Greatly appreciated.</p>

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<p>I'm not a current Chapman student, but I had the same concerns in considering it. I'm an incoming transfer. I have an Uncle that works in the circle of Old Towne Orange so I know the area quite a bit. As far as eating goes there are a lot of little restaurants in Old Towne Orange. Students just walk down Glassell from the main campus and they're in Old Towne. There's also a Ralph's further down Chapman Avenue.. this is a pretty distant walk.. but it's manageable if you really want to go. Wallgreen's is also across the street from the Ralph's. There are movie theaters short driving distances away from Chapman. The Block, a shopping mall, and Disneyland are also short driving distances away. I recommend a car/ vehicle because while Old Towne Orange is cute and quaint, it can feel like a bubble. But I'm pretty sure your daughter could also make friends with someone who has a car..? And I also heard, from talking with students that go there, that there are parties and activities on the weekends and that they generally were not agonizingly bored. </p>

<p>Sorry that you got such a late reply and I hope this helps:)</p>

<p>lovetocamp, my son is a Chapman student, and he never complained about places to do stuff. Orange County is pretty much one huge, sprawled out suburban area, so there are malls, restaurants, etc., everywhere. Newport Beach is only like a 30 minute drive, so my son liked to go there on Saturdays a lot. He also had a season pass to Disneyland, as did many of his friends, so they went there a lot. I think he had the best view from his dorm room than anyone I've ever known. He looked out on Angel Stadium and could see the fireworks from Disneyland every night. :-)</p>

<p>So Cal is basically Disney Land, the various beaches, bars, malls and more malls unfortunately. There is some art in Laguna Beach and a museum or two. It's really who you end up befriending that makes So Cal more fun. (I'm sure you are aware of the airhead/bubblehead stereotype here.) Geographically, LA would be the place to get some culture, although driving there can be an expensive hassle most of the time. Public transportation here is not great, she will likely need a car or find a good friend with a car.</p>