Chapman RD 2025 / Deferred EA/ED

Got deferred EA for Biology, so now here’s hope for Regular Decision! Also anyone applying RD can chat here where we will ultimately find out about our decision. For anyone who got deferred in the writing section that tells you to add any additional information, what do you guys plan on writing? I don’t really have new information and the few information I have, I’m not sure if it’s relevant to the admissions officers. Regardless, I hope we hear good news in the coming months :slight_smile:


hey I got deferred EA from chapman and fordham so far but accepted with scholarship into American University In Paris, my major was communications and my stats were UW 4.0, no testing, 3 AP’s(wasn’t offered many), 3 dual credit, typical honors societies student gov etc, co founded two unique clubs, violinist of 12 years played in an adult orchestra, cofounded an ensemble group, transfered schools senior year and work 30 hour work weeks, also played tennis, Varsity XC, and Varsity soccer for 3 years.

I was deferred for dodge

Deferred from dodge for broadcast journalism.

I’m kind of freaking out cause I didn’t realize the RD paragraph was suppose to be another essay thing. I wrote a paragraph just saying I talked to alumni and I feel like I’m a good fit. Ahhh

wait what do you mean

I got deferred from Dodge as well. Does getting deferred mean we will likely get rejected in regular decision then…? I got a promotion to be the head director for the film program at my high school since applying so I was planning on writing about that in my paragraph, but… I don’t know what to make of this now. :confused:


D21 applied RD to BA Dance Program and received acceptance today with Provost Scholarship.

I applied RD for graphic design :)) best of luck to all if you!!

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Does anyone know what the notification date was for RD at Chapman last year?

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It was the 1st Wednesday in March 2020


Applied RD to Film Production!

Good luck+

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