Chapman University ED vs EA

Chapman doesn’t publish their entire Common Data Set, but only lists some statistics online. Does anyone have insight on how to find it? Really looking for the percentage accepted ED vs. percentage accepted EA, to see if there’s a big difference. My notes from our campus visit said there’s no difference, which seems odd. Thanks.

Chapman doesn’t publish a common data set, so you won’t find one.

Some majors (ie most Dodge film school majors) require you to apply EA so there is no real difference between EA and RD.

My other comment is in moderation because it has a link to Chapman admission tumblr (google it). They do claim no difference in admission rates. However ED demonstrates the highest level of interest, so there is that.

(note—I have two kids there at Dodge, a senior and a freshman so that’s where my info comes from ). My senior applied when ED wasn’t an option, my freshman applied ED.

@jss9395 do your kids like it?

They claim they accept the same % ED/EA/RD on their asmi

Like is an understatement! We couldn’t be happier all of us. Well except if it was cheaper