Chapman University Honors Program

I got admitted EA to Chapman University as a Creative Producing major in the Dodge College. I recently got an email about the Honors program at Chapman and I was wondering if I should apply. If I’m focusing on a film related major, is it worth joining the Honors program as well? Is it really difficult? What exactly will I be doing and how will it benefit me?

My daughter is a creative producing major there and has a friend in another major who is in the honors program so I asked her your question. She said the biggest part of the program is special sections of general ed courses that are more interdisciplinary and classics based in focus. Great variety of really interesting small seminar topics. There are events and faculty mentorship opportunities too, but she says they are not grounded in the entertainment business so they won’t help you progress towards a career in that field. She says more for intellectual stimulation that job preparation. To work in the film industry, she says, it’s far more beneficial to get jobs on sets–which you can do from day one of your freshman year–and then to get into outside internships as early as possible through the university’s handshake account.

Upshot–super interesting and intellectually stimulating general ed opportunities that will challenge your growth, but not much that is directly related to a career in the entertainment industry.