Chapman University Music Conservatory

<p>The Chapman only musicCollege of Performing Arts at Chapman University is the school in the country, most likely the world, that offers an undergraduate degree in choral conducting. (The Curtis Institute offers an orchestral conducting degree, but not choral)
I have looked into this program and as a high school vocal student preparing for college, I am quite interested. However many music professionals tell me it would be a bad decision and that I should develop my performance skills first. </p>

<p>What are your thoughts? Any personal connections to the topic? plz share. </p>

<p>Also do you know how good Chapman is as an academic institute? Music School?</p>

<p>What would you do with such a degree that a vocal/choral education degree wouldn't be at least as useful for?</p>

<p>Have you visited yet? Go visit, arrange a sample lesson, sit in on classes. D was accepted there with a large merit scholarship. Maybe we were there on an unusual day, but when we went for a post-acceptance visit, D was very disappointed. The voice teacher was fine, the voice class teacher that we saw was good as well, the choir sounded good. It was the students who disappointed us. D said that at least one third of the choir students entered the class late. She observed choir students texting during the rehearsal. In the voice class we observed (about 10 students), fully half walked in late. One student who was scheduled to sing that day never showed up. Another was totally unprepared. Worse, one student was texting and talking, and the professor reprimanded him. Another kid actually slurped his drink very loudly while someone was singing--you know, that sound when you're trying to get the last of the smoothie at the bottom!? It was appalling. The lack of discipline we observed was appalling. So go to visit. We really wanted to like Chapman, especially since D had a very attractive offer from there, but it was not to be. Fortunately for my D, the acceptance for her top choice school came in a few days after our Chapman visit. We are paying more, but not that much more, and we can manage it. </p>

<p>On the plus side for Chapman, D did attend an Opera performance there, and said that the singers were good.</p>

<p>Hi, does someone know about its reputaiton or anything about piano performance? (I am an international student, in my freshmen year of university. So I will be doing a transfer)</p>

<p>Why Chapman? Other schools you have looked at?</p>

<p>Yes, but I am still not sure if applying to a back-up plan.</p>

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<p>Tuba asked a great question -- what do you hope to accomplish via this route? Chapman is not usually referred to in the traditional conglomerate of tippy top private music schools. Which, of course, doesn't mean a thing. Excellent film program, though ;)</p>

<p>Chapman is an interesting choice. A member of D3's Jyard precollege graduating class chose to go to Chapman (a fine violinist). D4 is planning to apply to their theater program.</p>

<p>I'm posting on this to note that the Choral Conducting major WILL BE discontinued starting in the fall of 2012.</p>

<p>This is because it is an unnecessary degree to go on and pursue a master's degree in choral conducting, and a DMA as well. Only 3 (4?) schools in the nation offer the degree, but it will most likely be discontinued in those schools as well, because it is so unnecessary.</p>

<p>I just wanted to let OP know this. I'd, personally, major in music education, or do a double in music ed and vocal performance, and then pursue your master's after you graduate and have experience in public schools.</p>


<p>Oh noooo... Are you really sure they are discontinuing with the Choral Conducting degree program?? I really really wanted study conducting as an undergraduate there.. Man..</p>

<p>At least I still have another awesome second choice which is USC!! But still.. Argh.. </p>

<p>Thanks for the info though.</p>