Chapman vs Ithaca HALP deciding

<p>I've had a hard time deciding between the two.
I'm a middle class Asian-American female living in California who has been accepted to both Chapman University and Ithaca College's Business schools.</p>

<p>I've heard a lot of great things about Chapman's business and accounting majors as my cousin has attended and now works at a great company in CA [i think he's in Boston now, not sure]. </p>

<p>I don't mind moving to Ithaca because I'm already a pretty independent person [mostly due to family problems and probable divorce issues] so not coming home even if I do go to Chapman. Chapman is nauseatingly close to home [I live like 25 mins away] but my father has agreed to let me dorm there. </p>

<p>Both schools have offered me financial aid packages and scholarships that lower my cost of attendance significantly, [Chapman to ~17k, Ithaca to ~19k]. Both are accredited [I think Ithaca only recently]. </p>

<p>So I'm not sure! faslkdkfjsdfjsdf :) But still waiting for other colleges to come in-- but these are so far my top two. Thanks In Advance.</p>

<p>I'd choose Chapman. It has a solid academic reputation, a good location, and fun campus life. </p>

<p>I don't care for the social scene at Ithaca. It's a major stoner school.</p>

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<p>Chapman has a reputation for being a rich kid's school, kids who couldn't get in anywhere. At least to the people I talk to.</p>

<p>...which is a ridiculous claim, considering that Chapman has one of the most selective film programs in the country. The rest of their programs may not be very selective, but neither are Ithaca's.</p>

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<p>Since both schools are about the same caliber, I would go to Chapman since it has good weather.</p>