Characterisitics of each college!

<p>Can some one please tell me what the characteristics of each college is like?

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<p>Stereotypes (not always true of course, but somewhat accurate)</p>

<p>Cowell-Athletic, Surfer/Skater types
Stevenson-no really strong stereotype. I've heard Jewish but haven't witnessed it.
Merril-Gay and hispanic, also known as "sterile Merril"
College 9/10-Asian
Porter-artsy, hippies, druggies
Kresge-more hippies
College 8-UCSB wannabes, socal feel
Oakes-only place where youll find people of color at UCSC</p>

<p>interesting article: What</a> College Are You From? | City on a Hill Press</p>

<p>although the stereotypes aren't always accurate, I feel like they are for the most part. the person above me basically hit the nail on the head.</p>