Charged out of state when I am a resident. Help?

I was expecting my refund this semester, and I never got one. I went to my payment section for my school and saw that I still owed and that my financial aid/loans hadn’t covered my tuition. This was a red flag because it should have by the calculations I made. I went into the account activity to find the bill and found out I’ve been charged out-of-state tuition for 2 years. I have emailed the school about it and appealed my residence status, but the thing is the years before 2020 I was being charged in-state tuition like I was supposed to. There was a year gap where I wasn’t going to this school, but still attended a community college in state. My residency shouldn’t have changed when I enrolled the following year.

I’m wondering if there is any possible way to be refunded for the semesters I was inaccurately charged. Where would I start? I live in Michigan if that helps, attending Western Michigan University.

I know I should have looked more closely at my bills, but I always expected a slightly higher tuition than my calculations due to fees associated with a lot of my classes; just this semester it was a couple thousand-dollar difference. The other semesters were also part-time enrollment, and this semester was full-time enrollment, and that also affected my aid/loans/tuition/ as to why I didn’t notice it earlier.

Did you live in another state at any time during your break from Western? Or did your parents move?

Go to or contact the bursars office ASAP….and find out what happened.

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The Bursar doesn’t handle residency issues at WMU. Here is the residency policy: Residency Policy for In-State Tuition | Policies | Western Michigan University. If you want to appeal your residency, there is a policy to appeal through the Registrar’s and Provost’s Offices. Here is the appeal form (I found it on the WMU website): Residency Appeal Application | Registrar's Office | Western Michigan University.

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Neither me nor my parents have ever lived in another state.

Thank you. I contacted the registrar about this and filled out the appeal earlier today. I was just wanting to know if anyone had an idea about getting the money back the school had charged me for being out-of-state when I have never lived out of state, and was previously paying in-state.

When the registrar responded to me with the appeal information, I asked if this will change the amount I was billed for this current semester and their response was “We do not know”. So I am stuck where to go/ who to contact after this.

Cross posted. If you feel like you need an advocate, contact the Ombudsman’s Office for assistance. Let us know what happens.


Different state, but several years ago, our son was charged nonresident tuition by mistake also. He never lived out of state and had transferred from another in-state college.

I don’t know if they assume a transfer student is not a resident until they provide proof? Anyway, he took care of it quickly without our involvement. I hope your situation is fixed as easily.